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How to install a visual style into CustoPack Tools?

  1. In « Create a CustoPack » mode, click the left « Visual styles », then select the operating system tab for which the visual style has been created. 


  2. Check that the folder of your visual style contains a .msstyle file and a Shell folder >> NormalColor >> shellstyle.dll.


  3. Click « Browse » to select your folder or drag and drop your folder in CustoPack Tools.


  4. Complete the text fields « Name » « Author » et « Author's website ».


  5. « Windows Vista » and « Windows 7 » tabs have an « Options » button. These optional options allow yo to better customize Windows. For more information, click here.


  6. Click « Add this visual style ».


  7. You can change anytime options, file or the visual style name by clicking « Modify ».


Note: you can add several visual styles in the same CustoPack. The visual style defined by default is marked by a small star next to its name.