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About the digital signature of your CustoPack

In order to make safe the CustoPack’s use, we add a digital signature system on « dll modifications » and « additional software » categories.

Each CustoPack containing files in these two categories will has to be digitally signed by our team. Without digital signature, these two categories will be ignored during the installation.

Others categories (Standard icons, Visual Styles, Backgrounds, Fonts, Cursors, Sounds, Logon Screen, RocketDock, ColorFolder) don’t need digital signature.

  • How to sign my CustoPack?
You can’t sign a CustoPack by yourself. Your pack can only be sign by a member of team
Follow these instructions :

  2.  Export your pack with CustoPack Tools


  3.  Submit your pack in the gallery of website :


  4.  Our team will check your pack as soon as possible


  5.  When your pack is given « validated », it means that your CustoPack is available in the gallery and that it has been signed by our team. The new runnable file you can download on our website contains the digital signature. It is this file that you have to retrieve if you want to share your pack on another website.


  • What happens if I install a CustoPack which isn’t digitally signed?

If you install a CustoPack wich hasn’t been digitally signed, dll modifications and additional software included in the pack will be ignored. However, All other categories (standard icons, backgrounds, cursors…) will be installed normally.


  • I am the author of a pack which contains dll modifications and/or additional software. How can I test it if I haven’t digal signature?

If you are the author of the pack, CustoPack Tools will create automatically a « by-pass », in this way dll modifications and additional software won’t be ignored when you test your CustoPack.

It allows you to check if your pack is good before submitting it on our gallery.


  • Can I edit a CustoPack digitally signed?

Yes, a « by-pass » will be created on your computer in order to permit you to test it. However, the digital signature will be deleted during the export and you will have to submit again your CustoPack on so that our team can sign it.