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How to create and export a CustoPack?

  • Creation of a new pack : 
  1. Click the button « Create a new CustoPack ».


  2. Complete the fields « Pack Name », « Author » and « E-Mail ».


  3. Select the operating systems (OS) which will be compatible with your pack. For example, avoid to select an OS if you don't have a visual style compatible with this one in your pack. 


  4. Click « Create the project ».


Note : In spite of a simple user interface, you must know that creating a CustoPack requires a minimum of computer and graphics knowledges. ;-)


The creation of a CustoPack is split into several sections which are in the left column. Some sections are directly compatible with all Windows versions (example: Standard icons,  Backgrounds, Sounds/Notifications...), and others are split into tabs (example: Visual styles, Logon screen...). None of these sections is compulsory.



  • What you should do before exporting your pack:
  1. Check that you respect the copyright of creations contained in your pack.


  2. Test your CustoPack on your computer and fix bugs.


  3. During your tests, think of doing screenshots.


  4. In the « Pack finalisation », add your screenshots with a drag and drop to the right column.


  5. Finally you can export your CustoPack if all is OK. An executable file will be generated automatically.


Caution : Don't forget that a digital signature is necessary for « DLL modifications » and « Aditionnal software » categories. For more information, click here.